Highly flexible platform that allows and visualizes data collection, monitoring, analysis
and maintenance of the Cobots in real-time

Industry 4.0 Challenges

Lack of real-time data

inability to provide current status of the cobot and equipment

Lack of historical data

to find trends or analyze long term analytics or problems

Inability to find information

about problems and unplanned stops (reason, numbers, time)

Lack of knowledge​

about overall performance or production effectiveness

Lack of comparable data and information

from different types of robots in one place

Inability to predict or analyze

failures, or to have any warnings about possible costly stops

Lack of data aggregation and visualization

from different cobots or sources

Lack of remote access

to any data or statistics

Our Solution

Data collection

Remote through GSM

More than 2 Billion records already collected

Real-time (OEM independent) data collection and encrypted transmission through dedicated connectivity hardware (GSM/MQTT) to the cloud.

Cloud system

Flexible and Scalable

Almost 500 parameters can be monitored

Prepared for integration and collection of various data types using, but not limited to protocols such as RTDE, Modbus, Profinet, OPC-UA.


Monitoring platform

Multi-level Service

Provides access to all collected data

Access to all Cobot data with Data visualization & Analysis, Alarms Counters, Downtime, Stops, Automatic reports and backups of programs.

How it works?

No additional Software or connection to corporate network

Power connection & connecting the Ethernet cable to the Cobot

Easy to use interface with access to all Cobot parameters

Access on any device with login details

Automatic and On-demand reports with program backup

Reduced downtime with automatic crash notifications

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    The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the National Center for Research and Development under the Intelligent Development Program.