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Senior backend developer

Django, Celery, MQTT (Mosquitto), Apache Kafka, Redis Cache, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, Kubernetes

Salary: 15-20k net / month

At Kogena, we are building monitoring of industrial robots and solutions for data insights. Our product collects robot data in real time and provides our clients with meaningful information to optimise their production lines.

Under the hood Kogena backend is an event-driven solution using the following stack:

  • Django.
  • Celery.
  • MQTT (Mosquitto).
  • Apache Kafka (AWS MSK).
  • Redis Cache.
  • PostgreSQL.
  • TimescaleDB.
  • Kubernetes (AWS EKS)
Nice to have:
  • Redis

Currently we are looking for a senior developer with solid experience on the stack above or similar (IoT preferred) to join the team. Ideally you would be able to contribute to our architecture discussions as the product evolves, leading PoCs, collaborating with other teams on new integrations and mentoring junior developers.

In addition to the skills mentioned above, these are very much appreciated:

  • Experience with FastAPI
  • CI/CD experience with Github Actions.
  • Gitops knowledge.
  • Solid experience writing unit tests (PyUnit / Pytest).
  • Good code documentation skills.

At Kogena we work in small teams so collaboration is key. Good communication skills and team spirit are highly esteemed here. Additionally we would like you to be a problem solving oriented person

You can work remotely from home or anywhere else but in case you would like to join us in person any time, our offices are in Wroclaw (Poland). We will be happy to have you and prepare a work space for you.


  • Salary 15-20k net/month
  • 26 days of paid leave
  • Location: Wrocław/Hybrid
  • Small product team
  • Responsibility for the appearance of the product
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working hand in hand with a robot 😉
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