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The most powerful Diagnostics Platform precisely dedicated to Robots

  • Diagnose robots health and performance
  • Improve production and predict unplanned stops
  • Supervise all your robots in one place
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Robots integrated within Kogena Platform

Kassow robots monitoring and diagnostic
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Kogena Platform is the disruptive solution in the robotics industry created to help customers to optimize production and minimize downtimes

"Kogena is a highly flexible solution with very advanced functionality and a lot of valuable business and maintenance insights
We use it to diagnose and analyze all our palletizing stations based on cobots from Universal Robots."

Dariusz Ratajczak, Senior Automation Engineer, Ekaterra
"Kogena platform provides us with a lot of diagnostic information about our robots. This helps us to improve production processes and predict unplanned stoppages."

Lukasz Zborowski, Head of Corporate Industrial Engineering, Diehl Controls
"By analyzing the utilization rate of our robots, we were able to increase lines efficiency. With dedicated KPIs we can measure our robot's performance and analyze detailed data for even more effective output."

Adam Wojtanka, Technology Manager, Scanfil Poland
"Kogena is a kind of the bridge to my Customers using our state of the art Yaskawa and UR palletizing stations.
I can provide them with much better services and proactively inform about the status of their robots!"

Slawomir Janosz, CEO & Founder Biuro Inzynierskie IEC

Robots integrated within Kogena Platform

IoT Platform integrated with many robots, monitoring and diagnostic

What do you get using KOGENA Platform

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Production insights

  • Robot’s utilization rate
  • Daily PDF reports
  • Customized KPI dashboards
  • SMS and email notifications
Production verification, optimisation of industrial robots and cobots

Diagnostics insights

  • Prevent robot breakdown
  • Precise maintenance information
  • Robot’s peformance score
  • Most frequent errors analysis
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Premium Services

  • Immediate and remote access
  • Download remotely support files
  • Upgrade your SLA level
  • Create Robots Monitoring Center

Let's talk about diagnosis your robots!

If you want to learn more about Kogena platform or would like to see live demo please drop up a line - we would love to show you more and have a chat.

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