CobotMonitor is KOGENA’s highly flexible software cloud based platform that allows data collection, monitoring, business analysis and maintenance of the collaborative robots.  It uses real-time data and algorithms during the production cycle to increase efficiency and productivity.

CobotMonitor collects and aggregates different types of data from different types of cobots from different cobots manufacturers to provide comparable data and essential knowledge.

Key Features

  • Remote data collection
    through GSM. No local network
  • Flexible and scalable system 

    with no limitations on equipment
  • User-friendly interface
    with intuitive dashboards
  • Counters and aggregates on data 
    collected from the equipment
  • Real-time robot overview
    with live data refreshed every 1 Sec
  • Real-time alerts and warnings
    as it happens and virtually no delay
  • Historical data
    access to all data with no time restriction
  • Notifications via SMS
    about your most important alerts
  • Diagnostic tools
    such as OEE, Preventive and Predictive
  • Production monitoring
    with dashboards customized to
    your needs
  • Daily Automated Reports
    giving essential business information
  • Access to KPIs
    customized for you by us

KOGENA sp. z o.o.

pl. Solny 15, 50-062 Wrocław, Poland
VAT: 8971852678, KRS: 0000721255

ul. Szczytnicka 11, Wrocław

+48 533 216 454

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the National Center for Research and Development under the Intelligent Development Program.