Hire a cobot and release your workers’ potential

Cobots (collaborative robots) is a new technology that releases workers’ potential by replacing them in mundane and repetitive tasks during the production process. KOGENA’s new quality combines simplicity and safety of use with constant efficiency monitoring to bring the best results to the production companies.

Cobots by Universal Robots


Payload: 3kg
Reach: 50 cm
Applications: tasks requiring high precision, adjusted to bench-tops


Payload: 5kg
Reach: 85 cm
Applications: medium-duty applications


Payload: 10kg
Reach: 130 cm
Applications: packaging and palletizing tasks requiring long reach capability


Payload: 16kg
Reach: 90 cm
Applications: heavy machine tending, material handling and screw driving


Packaging and palletizing
Pick and place
Gluing and dispensing
Welding and screw driving
Machine tending
Quality control
Lab analysis and testing

Why is it worth it to ‘hire’ a cobot?

Increased efficiency & employee retention

Workers like their jobs better and work harder when they are moved from mundane and repetitive tasks.

Collaboration at the same workplace

Cobots work alongside workers at the same place - they don’t need any special conditions or extra space.

Increased safety & no accidents at workplace

Cobots can work next to people with no risk of accidents.

Easy to use

Everyone can program a cobot and adjust it to their needs. No technical skills needed!

Flexibility & mobility

Cobots can be re-programmed, adjusted to new tasks and moved to new places depending on the production needs.

Good investment

Fast ROI and minimal investment compared to traditional robots.

Efficiency predictions

Thanks to CobotMonitor - our monitoring & predictive maintenance software, work efficiency can be constantly increased.

Synergy effect

Cobots don’t steal jobs, they release workers from dull and repetitive tasks so that they can be moved to more exciting roles within the company. Such collaboration creates a great synergy effect.

Work in every condition

Hard work conditions, such as production at minus temperature or night shifts, can now be left to cobots.

Cobots implementation step by step

Company needs analysis

We analyze the production process and check at which stage cobots and workers' collaboration will bring the best results.

Solutions implementation

We set up and implement cobots together with the software adjusted to the company’s needs.

Installation & training

We install cobots at the production hall, train your employees and show how the intuitive software works.

Predictive maintenance

We use our proprietary software to constantly monitor cobot’s efficiency and work quality.