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IoT Embedded Software Developer

Linux, IoT, Docker, MQTT, SSH, VPN, AWS

Salary: 10-15k net / month

At Kogena we are building an industrial robots monitoring and data insights solution. Our product collects robots data in real time and provides our clients with meaningful information to optimize their production lines. We are looking for experts in industrial IoT technologies.

Currently we are using following stack:

  • Linux based hardware IoT gateways with GSM connectivity
  • Docker, Docker-Compose python based modules for robots connectivity and edge processing
  • MQTT. HTTPS protocols for bi-directional communication
  • SSH, VPN for fleet management and networking
  • AWS solutions for IoT and industrial monitoring

We are looking for mid to senior level developers with solid experience in:

  • High scale IoT fleet management – OTA, Monitoring, CI/CD, Testing
  • Developing web platforms for fleet management
  • AWS IoT Solutions: Core, Greengrass, Device Management
  • Linux system agents development
  • Advance Linux system administration and security

Ideally, you will be able to participate in architecture development and propose novel directions, help in creating robust and fully automated solutions, work closely with backend/frontend developers, business team and customers. 

In addition to the skills mentioned above, these are very much appreciated:

  • Knowledge and experience with C++
  • Hardware / PCB design
  • Knowledge of Industrial Automation (PLC/ Robots programming)

At Kogena we work in small teams so collaboration is a must. We would like you to be a problem solving person with good communication skills and a strong team spirit.

You can work remotely from home or anywhere else but in case you would like to join us in person any time, our offices are in Wroclaw (Poland). We will be happy to have you and prepare a work space for you.


  • Salary 10-15k net / month
  • 26 days of paid leave
  • Location: Wroclaw / Hybrid
  • Small product team
  • Responsibility for the appearance of the product
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working hand in hand with a robot 😉
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