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Are you Integrator? Reduce your service costs and add after-sales services

  • Increase productivity of your engineers

    Your engineers will access high quality data immediately and remotely, so they can react better to client problems. Also, with Kogena’s intuitive interface and data formats, even your junior engineers can offer quality support without in-depth knowledge of each robot.

  • Avoid many costly trips

    Most of robot problems can be solved remotely if you know what’s wrong. Kogena has this data at your fingertips, which means many unnecessary and expensive on-site visits to client can be avoided, which is particularly frustrating during warranty stage.

  • Expand your services and portfolio

    You will have access to very detailed data and analysis about your client’s robots. Supported by Kogena’s experienced engineers and training, you will be able to provide additional value to your clients.

Partnerships options - how we can work together

Dedicated and very powerful solution for Integrators and Service providers that will help you and your engineers speed up robots deployment & commissioning

  • Get all robots data (logs, measurements and files) starting from day one!
  • Save automatically new versions of a program after any manual change
  • Compare two different versions of the same program, with all differences highlighted automatically
  • Analyse the impact of changes on the robots/cell performance
  • Remote access (VPN connection using WAN or GSM) gives you ability to continue configuration from your office
  • Perform final backup of all configuration files and programs and mark them as accepted by Customer
  • Backup function to track any changes after FAT (trust but control)
  • Move licence between installations to use Kogena KIT as your favourite deployment tool!

Kogena Integrators KIT - package

  • includes one IoT Edge Device (VPN / Remote Access included)
  • 5 licences package to connect up to 5 robots
  • licences valid as long as partnership contract is active

Kogena Robots Monitoring Center (RMC)

Kogena RMC is remote access platform that helps provide premium services to Customers such as:

  • remote monitoring of robots
  • proactive maintenance
  • remote diagnostics

Investing in services is a critical aspect of the robotics industry, and machine builders could reap many benefits out of it, including:

  • increased customer satisfaction
  • additional revenue
  • competitive advantage

How you could benefit from using RMC version:

  • Provide regular health checks of robots performance and availability to predict and avoid costly failures
  • Remote and real-time (24/7) overview of all robots connected with immediate alerts about problems
  • Ability to track all changes of robots configuration (installation files, variables, programs)
  • Full backup management – remotely perform all backup activities for your Customers – now you dont have to do this manually
  • For Universal robots you can use remote download of service packs or support files to speed up reaction time
  • Give your Customers access to the whole Platform or limited features only
  • Sell it as service or just give access free of charge to improve level of satisfaction of you customers
  • Cover other robotics brands (even delivered by your competitors)

Save time during deployment & commissioning of robots

Deliver projects faster

With all software versions in one place together with instant diagnostics, you will speed up programming and commissioning.

Prevent costly mistakes

Kogena provides robot health check diagnostics in real time, allowing to easily check how robot performance is impacted by changes made in software settings.

Avoid unnecessary costs

With automatic backups and version control, you can remotely check when each software or setting change was made and by whom.

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