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Kogena Platform helps you improve productivity and uptime of your robots

  • Increase uptime of your robots by introducing predictive maintenance thanks to advanced diagnostics
  • Increase OEE of your robots by eliminating inefficiencies in their work thanks to information provided by Kogena’s performance KPIs
  • Reduce time needed for deployment & commissioning of new robots 
  • Decrease repair costs by automatically monitoring if robots are used in line with each OEM’s warranty conditions
  • Avoid costly errors of your engineers by automatically saving and monitoring versions of new programs
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Key features

Data-packed dashboards

User friendly interface with real-time information about robots work and performance status to keep robots up and running. Fast overview and the health check of all robots with instant information about active alerts, actual robots state, current program and shift performance

Advanced diagnostic tools

Machine diagnostics involves regularly checks during production. Reduce time required for robot station diagnosis. By having data from robots you can solve most of the problems with root causes, programs and settings. Make use of all historical and current robots logs to quickly determine problems and areas of improvements. Analize errors summary with all details (codes, trends, time, quantity etc.) and perform detailed stops analysis.

Powerful Backup Management

Powerful maintenance tool to automatically and remotely perform backups. Control and manage backup of all programs, variables and installation files with just one click for your peace of mind. Restore them with when needed

Complex version control

Track changes and control versions of robot programs and files. Use instant notifications about any program changes or remotely check who, when and where modified robot settings. With just one click you can automatically highlight changes between file versions.

Insightful robots details

Full of important information dashboards with efficiency and performance details. Maintenance calendars, important notes and programs performance comparison. All in one place to get maximum value with minimum clicks.

Real time alerts and notifications

Smart alerts and notifications to get instant information about problems. Define flexible thresholds to see only those alerts you wants to see and get e-mails or sms when problems occur. Make use custom defined alerts too.

Complex package to monitor, improve and track utilization and performance of your robots fleet

Robots utilisation and performance details with application oriented views and dashboards (e.g. palletisation) to measure OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), KPIs (e.g cycles, items and times) or Energy consumption.

Remote download of Support Files (valid for Universal Robots)

Download the support file remotely and send it directly to your email inbox. Support files package finally without using USB stick!

Daily automated reports

PDF reports with essential business information on output - flow tracking, Robots performance, planned versus actual production, manufacturing quality, OEE and much more. Summary e-mail every morning!

Your benefits

up to 10%
increasing volume of production thanks to improved performance and reduction of protective stops
up to 11%
savings on service thanks to increasing the lifespan of robots
up to 3%
savings on downtime thanks to automatic backup and versioning control

Let's talk about diagnosis your robots!

If you want to learn more about Kogena platform or would like to see live demo please drop up a line - we would love to show you more and have a chat.

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