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Analyze your UR program and see if you can improve it!



See what are the most common issues in your program. Don't let the robot program mistakes affect the robot's hardware health. Start investigating your problems as soon as possible!


Check if your installation settings are set correctly (TCP/ CoG / Payload). If any of the parameters are misconfigured - you will know about it.

Improve your program

Check out our program recommendations based on the manufacturer's recommendations. Check your program and then improve it!

For our partners and customers we provide a TOTALY FREE tool that allows to analyze Universal Robots cobot’s program.

You can find out if your program is created according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and if there is any space for potential improvements. We don’t have access to any production data. We focus only on the program correctness.

  1. Download the support file from your UR Robot.
    If you don’t know how to do this, let’s go to the manufacturer side: Click here  or watch the movie: Click here
  2. Load the support file that you want to analyze by uploading.
  3. Leave your basic contact details.
  4. Our system will precisely analyze your program.
  5. You will receive the report in PDF format to the provided email address.

Voilà! Let’s find out if your robot’s program can be improved!

Let's upload your support file to analyze your program

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How to download the support file?

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