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Few words about us

We are passionate about robotics and production automation. We believe that maximizing efficiency in manufacturing begins with capturing data from the heart of a company’s operations: the machine assets and the people who operate them. The biggest obstacle to achieving this is to get usable, actionable data and insights.

KOGENA has made this easy. Providing unique IT/OT convergence we offer flexible Industrial IoT Platform that has automated machine data collection and production analytics to deliver powerful, actionable information to Integrators and factory workers.

Our team combines extensive competences in industrial robotics, as well as, deep knowledge on advanced IoT solutions and Big Data Software Development.

Shortly saying – we are experts in Industry 4.0!

Our goal is to give our Customers and Partner maximum out of their robots fleet in three simple steps:

CONNECT and DIAGNOSE: Plug-and-Play connectivity automatically transforms, standardizes, and analyzes data at the source supporting the most robotics communication protocols

ANALYZE and IMPROVE: All data is gathered and processed in one centralized cloud to deliver remote access from anywhere and anytime. By having data from robots you can solve most of the problems with root causes, programs and settings

SUPERVISE and TAKE ACTION: data packed real-time dashboards, historical reporting, backup management, version control and smart notification systems create value from day one.

Our Investors

Kogena is supported by a group of Investors with bold vision to provide disruptive technologies to industrial sector!

Let's talk about diagnosis your robots!

If you want to learn more about Kogena platform or would like to see live demo please drop up a line - we would love to show you more and have a chat.

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