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Kogena Team
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Software developers
Industrial IoT & Telco experts
Robotics experts

About us

We are a team passionate about robotics and automation. We truly believe that the power of IT/IoT will accelerate manufacturers to achieve better processes while maintaining quality and higher productivity. We breathe Automation!

Our team of 20+ people combines extensive competences on robotics market as well as deep knowledge in advanced IoT solutions and software development. Our mission is to turn Kogena into a world leader in the cloud base data platform for robots and become the first worldwide company to provide full understanding on robot behaviors.

Our Investors

Kogena is supported by a dedicated group of Investors who have the same vision.

Lets talk about monitoring your robots!

If you want to learn more about Kogena platform or would like to see live demo please drop up a line - we would love to show you more and have a chat.

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